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Infinite Unknown Rules  Empty Infinite Unknown Rules

on Mon May 21, 2018 2:56 am
Infinite Unknown Group Rules

  • Follow deviantart's etiquette policy, copyright policy, and terms of service.
  • Hey, treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Our original species and adoptable rules only apply to our original species.
  • Breaking our rules can result in a warning, being removed from the group, being added to the blacklist, and/or refused from our services. Each offense is judged case-by-case.

Original Species Rules

  • Would be cool if you didn't copy our species entirely, there are plenty of ways to earn yourself MYOs in our game.
  • Offbrands/knockoffs are ok, and even playable in our ARPG- so long as they don't copy everything about our species. Since the InfiniteUnknown verse is- well- infinite, there are bound to be creatures similar to the one's we have created.
  • Example. You may make a character/species that looks like ours, but that doesn't mean they have all the lore, biological functions, traits, and game mechanics associated with ours.
  • You may redesign your character as long as they resemble their old design, this feature only applies to your characters outside of our ARPG.
  • You may switch out traits with an equivalent rarity.
  • You may not give them rarer traits.
  • You may redesign your character into a different species/oc.

Adoptable Rules

  • Artist has the right to display all their design artwork in their galleries and use them for portfolio and/or publicity purposes.
  • Artist will not use the design for commercial purposes or make further profit from the design.
  • Owner may sell, trade, or gift designs as they please, but they must notify our masterlist to officially transfer the rights to the design.
  • Owner may use design for commercial purposes with credit given to the respective artist for the design. ie. published comics and stories, prints
  • Owner may use designs for personal use. ie. stories, drawing
  • Owner, please remember you do not own the art, you own the design. Meaning you may not claim the artwork as your own, alter/trace artwork, or use the artwork for commercial purposes.
  • Owner may repost the design's artwork anywhere with credit given to its respective artist.
  • These rules extend to our guest/official artists unless otherwise stated by the artist.

Playable Character Game Rules

  • Registered playable characters may not be redesigned without cosmetics, but of course, you may redesign them outside of our ARPG.
  • Characters drawn in other forms cannot be redeemed for any rewards if they don't have any kind of shape shifting skills.
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